4 Basic Qualities A Mature Woman Likes In A Man


Gone are the days when cute and handsome men are what gets women’s hearts beating like crazy. (more…)


Never Be Afraid To Chase For Love


We are all a bit hesitant to give our all for love. We get a bit reluctant and scared at the beginning of love. We get so overwhelmed with the feelings that we unknowingly dodge it because of fear that it might one day leave us broken. There’s always a part of us that says ‘no’ to attachments because we know full well where it would lead us if things don’t pan out the way we expect them to. (more…)

When life gives you lemons, don’t make a juice out of them.


When life gives you lemons, don’t make a juice out of them. Why make a juice when you don’t even like lemons? Go outside and look for apples or strawberries or mangoes. The world ain’t just about waiting for what life gives you. But rather, it’s about going outside and looking for what your heart truly desires. It’s about doing something and knowing what you deserve and don’t deserve. Go out of your comfort zone and plant the goddamn tree of your dreams! Life is too short to just sit and wait. Move and run your life the way you want it!



We all have things we’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance. Or things we’re too embarrassed to do but would have loved to do it. We look back on our younger years regretting some of the opportunities we didn’t take. And it’s never a nice feeling to regret something and feeling like it’s too late to start again. So in this post, I will be writing a letter to my 20 year-old self. Here it goes.

Love Poems For You


I have always loved writing. I’m not one to get really vocal about how I feel so I tend to write down my emotions. Writing is a therapy for me. It’s helpful in a way that it serves as my outlet when I’m too sissy to open up to someone. And that is why I am starting this blog. And though I’m not a fan of using big words to give off a good impression for my writing skills, I’d still say I’m not bad at it. I think I just need more practice. After all, everything can be learned through relentless practice, right? I am a firm believer that if you put your heart on something, it will flourish and your hardwork will soon pay off.


Love Ain’t A Competition


What exactly does love means? What particular act can you do to call it love?

Thruth is, love as abstract as it is, remains a mystery to most of us. It is something no one can truly define. It’s easy to say you’re in love when you say those magical three words to someone, or when one goes out of their way to make everything right for you, or when you get butterflies in your tummy just by looking deep into each other’s eyes. Surely, those are few of the things that makes your giddy-self say you’re in love. We’ve all been there and there’s some truth to it.