Lifebits By Claire is a travel/beauty/life/love blogsite managed by Marie Claire Burlat. It mainly talks about things worth talking about. From fashion, make-up, travels and everything in between.

Marie likes to write since she was in grade school. She used to write essays and poems for her friends and is often chosen as the school’s Emcee for different programs.

She likes to write about anything that inspires her and all her takeaways about love and life. She is a registered nurse and a certified book lover. She’s read tons of stories from self-help to fiction and have been a fan of some famous authors like Paolo Coelho and Mitch Albom. She’s a fan of everything korean and is a jolly person in general.

She graduated at University of Cebu, year 2012. She recently launched this website as her own to follow her passion for writing. She was a bit apprehensive at first but in the end, she trusted her instinct and went to chase her dreams. And she’s loving it!

Marie is shy at first encounter but friendly and outspoken once you get to know her. She’s witty and funny most of the time and likes to talk about other people’s passion. She carries a strong yet soft personality, a street-smart thinking, a compassionate heart towards others and a love so deep for everybody she cares about.

This site is fairly new and she’s hoping for your patience with any mistakes you’d come across upon reading her articles. She’s working so hard to make this better everyday and she would like to express her sincere gratitude for dropping by.

As she always say, Be Kind when you can and where you can!

Have fun reading, friends!


Marie Claire. A make-up junkie, photography enthusiast, book-lover, health advocate, travel bug, writer and a self-confessed mushy person. Living and Loving life! Be kind!