Helloooo,  world!!!! I know, I know. I’ve been gone way too long! Blame it to my busy schedule and my lazy arse. *HAHA*

But seriously though, I’ve been really busy (and exhausted) lately that I couldn’t find time to update you guys with my whereabouts. But rest assured, that I’ll be putting that on top of my New Year’s resolution this year! No more procrastinating! *Fingers -crossed*

So yeah! Au Revoir 2017 and hola 2018! It has been quite a roller-coaster ride last year and I can barely recall how I survived it all. But.. tadaaaa!!! Here I am! Just like each of you. We all are here alive and breathing despite of the bumpy year we all had to conquer. Thank God! It has been both scary and exciting. I’ve never been more pumped-up  for life than I am now! ‘Coz whatever hurdles I was able to conquer last year, has indeed made me a lot tougher than I already am.

With all the decision-making, challenges in my relationships, family problems, friendships shaken, my decision to finally go back to my career and learning to love every bit of it, meeting new friends and all those crazy yet exhilarating things I went through last year! There are plenty of them actually, but I couldn’t just list it all here otherwise, you’d be yawning of boredom.

On a serious note though, Isn’t it great to know that we made it this far? I mean, we shot right up to the top after failing a lot last year. We were able to get back up and survived. I’m sure, there were tons of things we thought we wouldn’t be able to weather last year but did. Like exams, a heartbreak, loss of a loved one and rejections. Just to name a few. Those are some of our battles last year that have hurt us to our core. Some we weren’t prepared for, and some we allotted our time and effort into but didn’t get the results we wanted. Right? Things like that could really hurt. But the thing is, WE MADE IT. We may have walked through 2017 with frail limbs, but we still made it! Aren’t we a bunch of amazing, brave adults? We definitely are!

Perhaps we didn’t know it at the time that we will get through it. Perhaps, we’ve decided to just give up and stop trying. But we didn’t. Because the fire in our hearts shines brighter than our heartbreaks and failures. And that is the kind of mindset we all want for this year and the coming years.  That whatever life throws at you, believe that YOU. WILL. MAKE. IT!!!!

There is no way we would let our failure define how we go through life. There is no way we would let our sickness bring us down. We were placed in this world to live and tackle every single rejection that comes our way. If it doesn’t work out today, tomorrow is another day. Get up and carve your future for YOU. You made it last year, you’ll shine brighter this year!

Happy New year loves!


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