4 Basic Qualities A Mature Woman Likes In A Man


Gone are the days when cute and handsome men are what gets women’s hearts beating like crazy. In fact, on this day and age, women are smarter and more practical that we no longer cling onto superficial things but instead, we look for the men we NEED. We search for that one man who’d stick through the hardest times like any mature and independent man should.

Here are some things most mature women likes in a partner.


Nothing is sexier than a man who is highly motivated to make his life better everyday. Someone who can man up and actually gets a job done. Someone who works hard to achieve his goals and never stop until he succeeds. A man whose determination can move mountains. Everything is doable for him if it means being able to chase his dreams for himself and for his future family. If his drive alone ain’t sexy for you, then I don’t know what is. ‘Coz this right here, is a man worth keeping.


Oh yes. Responsible in the truest sense of the word. Someone who knows what to do and how to do it. Would you ever want a man who still runs to his parents in every trouble he gets himself into? A boy who couldn’t even decide for himself? Definitely not. What if you both plan on getting married but he’s unfortunately oblivious as to how to handle finances and yet overspends? Hell nah. Women needs a man who knows how to handle basically, all things. Finances/savings, travel plans, retirement, kids and many other things that require utter self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. A man who takes the lead and is responsible enough to know what to do and what not to do when time gets rough, is no doubt, a good catch!


This is one of my favorite traits in a man. Someone who is sensible and knows what he’s doing and talking about every single time. Someone who can stimulate your mind through perceptible conversations. Someone who talks with so much sense and actually does it. He didn’t have to get straight A’s in college or whatnot. As long as he can get a conversation going without you wanting to roll your eyes or cringe every second you’re with him, then he’s in!

An Overall-Nice-Human-Being

Character outweighs everything. Even looks. There’s a quote that says “If he’s not nice to the waiter, then he’s not nice”. Pay special attention to how a man treats every single person around him. Is he only nice to you but hostile to others? Does he have manners? Does he say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’? Is he nice to the old woman at the park? Is he sensitive to your feelings and other people’s feelings? Is he polite and respectful to his and your parents? Yep, ladies. Be extra attentive to details especially when no one’s watching. That’s when you actually discover what kind of person he truly is.

Go, figure! *winks*



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