I Would Rather Keep My Circle Small


We are living in a society where it’s important to make friends and mingle with people on a daily basis. And sometimes, we’re even forced to please some just so they’d befriend us. We want certain people in our circle for many reasons. We went through a point in our lives when having lots of friends equates to our personality being immensely likeable. We boast how we are adored by many because we are, simply put, “nice”.

But as I look back, I realize none of those people helped me to get where I am right now. None of them have helped me in times of adversities either. Some even disappeared without a word. While others suddenly comes out of nowhere only when they need something. And some can be extremely hard to deal with due to inexplicable differences.

So I made a decision to keep my circle small to free my mind from any possible stressor that may destroy my well-preserved inner peace. I hate to mingle with people and find out later on that they talk about me or my friends behind our backs for something that didn’t meet their fancy. It can be really stressful. I don’t want that. Seriously, who does?

I only want some few good friends who I can talk to for hours about life and other sensible things worth talking about. Not about people or about our new shoes or about the latest gadgets. I want simplicity in friendships I engage myself with. Good, clean fun. No pressure in pleasing each other but standing behind each other and keeping the friendship smooth and strong even when we barely see each other.

I want friendships where we stand by each other despite absence. Goes to show how we got each other’s back no matter what. I want friendships that lasts despite the time spent apart and despite the spats here and there. That even without constant communication it still perseveres because they’re my people and I know I can always count on them. I want the chill kind of friendships. No competition. The kind that defines teamwork in the truest sense of the word.

Bottom line is, I would rather keep a few friends than have plenty of them who only drains all the positive energy in me. You know what they say, quality is better than quantity!


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