Weary Soul (Poem)


She lies awake on her bed in the middle of the night. Thinking about all the loneliness she has to face every waking moment of her life.

Will the pain ever end? Will better days ever come?

She’s engulfed in sadness. Too sad that her eyes refuse to shed tears. She has gone deaf from listening to the emptiness inside her. She’s weary of feeling alone in this cruel, big world.

‘Will the sun ever shine on me’? She asked.

Time and again, she found no answer to the question. She’s overwhelmed by all her questions and emotions as if they’re trying to choke her. She knows where to go but couldn’t find the strength to take that step. Something’s pulling her down and she can’t seem to move past it.

Will the rain ever stop?

She wakes up each day feeling numb to everything that’s hurting her. Her entire being is ready to give up but her heart holds that ounce of hope that she will one day, survive this storm.

She smiles to everyone but her eyes is filled with regrets and longing.
When will this end?

Her loneliness is like an empty home with no one to hold on to. She can barely grasp the meaning of life anymore. For she goes through it everyday without purpose. They say she’s overreacting. But she’s not. She’s in pain. She couldn’t explain how much it hurts. She couldn’t say that it’s slowly ripping her soul leaving nothing but a lifeless heart that’s itching to give up on her.

Will tomorrow be better for her? She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know. All she know is that, she’s empty. So empty she has nothing to give to anyone anymore.

So please, forgive her. Let her be just this once. So she can find herself once more. Time is running out for her. Let her be. Let her go.


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