Holika-Holika Honey Sleeping Pack : Review


I’ve been using this product for 6 months now, and I have been wanting to write a review about it. And let me tell you how it did not disappoint.

As we all know, korean cosmetics and skin-care have been making waves all over Asia. Korea is known for their immense regard towards skin-care and beauty. So here I am, trying out my very first sleeping pack since I’ve been reading tons of great reviews on how good it is for our skin. So, why not find out what the rave is all about?

First off, this particular sleeping pack is from a famous skin-care brand in Korea, Holika Holika. It’s main ingredient is honey, which is also known for its skin-loving effect. Contrary to my expectations, the product does not have that strong smell of honey. The consistency is fine and it doesn’t feel icky on the face. You can easily glide your fingers on it and it dries up in seconds after application. I use it at least three times a week as the finalย step to my skin care routine before going to bed. Some days, I use it as a substitute for my moisturizer as it hydrates your face overnight. It’s great for when the weather is too cold or too hot! Not to mention its anti-aging effect which is completely amazing. My face feels softer and smoother when I wake up and it really did brighten my face and I think I look fresher in the morning (My boyfriend thinks so too! *winks*)

Don’t worry though, because this sleeping pack is totally affordable! I bought this for around 500 to 600 at beautymnl.com (They have Cash-on-Delivery services around Metro Manila) They are legit distributors of Korean beauty products and skin-care and other brands as well.

So, if you’ve been itching to try out something korean for your face, but hesitant to spend over a thousand for your first try, then this product is highly recommended. It’s not too pricey but it does its job fairly well! It worked for me and it might for you too. Try it out. You’ll be impressed with the results!


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