Tourist With A Purpose


Travel is soul-enriching. It’s a good food for the soul. The kind that could heal many, if not all types of emotional illness.

Travel is a therapy for me and for many others. I had my heart badly broken once, and I went to a place, took in its beauty and liked it way too much. That’s when I knew that I’d be traveling even when I get old.

I believe that at some point in our lives, we gotta travel. Take on a whole new journey to some place you’ve never been to. Because it is when traveling that we get to understand other cultures in a much deeper sense. Immersing ourselves to different cultures will make us understand each other better. When we go and experience other people’s way of life, we’ll come to understand why they are the way they are and why they act the way they do. One gesture may be fine for us and completely rude to other races. And more often than not, it is what cultivates misunderstanding and hate between countries. Because we fail to understand each other with depth. We fail to realize that all of us are different. And if only we could unite through communication, will we be able to achieve world peace.

Traveling should not be a hobby to show off to others. It should be an act to promote each other’s uniqueness and beauty. I strongly believe that with traveling, we come out as kinder human beings. We become a person full of wisdom and love from experiencing so many beautiful things in various places around the world. We get to appreciate this earth’s beauty in a whole new perspective. We get to understand everybody. And in understanding all races, comes peace.

So, travel. Be a tourist with a purpose. Book a flight somewhere you’ve never been to, be it local or international. Help make this world understand each other better. Help create a peaceful environment for our children and our children’s children.

And never forget to enjoy all the perks while you’re at it! *winks*


Below are some photos of my travels. Enjoy!

Autumn in Melbourne, Australia

Sydney Opera House as my Backdrop

IMG_0820.JPGCamiguin Island, PH (that’s me in white shorts)

IMG_0723Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin, PH

Bantayan Island, Cebu, PH

IMG_0716.JPGCoron, Palawan Island, PH

IMG_0728.JPGDakak Resort, Dapitan, PH

IMG_0707.JPGBeautiful rock formation in Palawan Island, PH

IMG_0698.JPGClear seas at Coron Island, Palawan


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