We all have things we’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance. Or things we’re too embarrassed to do but would have loved to do it. We look back on our younger years regretting some of the opportunities we didn’t take. And it’s never a nice feeling to regret something and feeling like it’s too late to start again. So in this post, I will be writing a letter to my 20 year-old self. Here it goes.


“You’ve come this far. You just finished college and there’s a whole lot of great things and moments to look forward to.

However, you have to go home to your family first, and take a bit of rest. Unwind. Get together with your highschool pals. After all, you’ve spent 4 years of sleepless nights for paperworks and internships. You deserve a break before you face this reality called “adulting”.

You know it’s gonna be real hard and you need to save a lot of your energy before the real battle. You’ll definitely get to that part sooner than later. But for now, go to the beach, soak in the sun and eat all the home-cooked meals you missed so much. Talk to your mother about your fears and doubts for what lies ahead. Converse with your friends and have a bit of fun. Breath fresh air and be young, as you are.

Now that you have rested well, go out and get that dream job you’ve always wanted. Make friends. Save money for your travels. Go see the beauty of the earth while you’re still young and not taking life seriously. Excel on your job but never compromise your character and relationships for a raise. Understand that being a good citizen comes first. Build your career but slow down if you have to. You’ll be sulking knowing you overworked yourself and missed all the fun your young self would have enjoyed.

Go find a date. If it’s too hard for you, sign up on a dating app for fun. Who knows you might find “The One” online. It’s not a very smart move but never assume that dating apps has all the bad people. Don’t be afraid but always be cautious.

Go treat your mom somewhere nice. Buy her a dress from your first salary. Send her flowers on her birthday. It’s your turn to give something to your parents!

Buy an expensive dress or make-up at least once a month. You deserve it! Practice paying your bills smartly but never deprive yourself. Save a lot but reward yourself once in a while! Money are meant to be spent because we won’t be able to take it to our graves with us! Remember that experiences and memories are things that will make your old self fully satisfied.

Wear that dark lipstick and short skirt you’ve been hiding inside your closet. Take your fashion game to the next level. Dress comfortably and fashionably everyday because you won’t be young forever.

Love unconditionally. Love your SO like he’s the one you’re going to marry. If it doesn’t work out, it’s fine. You did everything you could to make it work. Understand that some things are just not meant to be. Go find another love, one more time. Do not hate men. Be convinced with the fact that there are still a ton of good men out there for you. Don’t be scared to get hurt, it’ll make you a better person.

Go abroad. Spend on higher education. Never stop learning! Write books! start a blog as early as you can if you’re into writing. Meet other races and immerse yourself in their culture. Go to the gym and work on getting fit! Your 40-year-old self will later thank you for it. Spend on tons of skin care products! Know that skin care comes first before make-up. Lather on sunscreen every single day. Your 30-year-old self will be happy you did. Eat out at least once a week with your girl friends. Do your best to make time for it despite your busy schedule.

Discover a new hobby. Don’t be shy to open up to others. Go to the beach and wear fancy bikinis, you’ll never be that thin again. Wear heels as much as you can. Time will come when flats would be much more appealing to you. Travel and travel! I can’t stress that enough! Know that traveling enriches your soul. Go for it! Be brave and spontaneous. Be confident but stay grounded. Save up for the future but never ever forget to enjoy and live life to the fullest. After all, you owe it to yourself.

Love yourself, love your family and love life! Stay out of scandals and negative people. Don’t be toxic to others and brush off toxic people. Avoid gossips and petty fights as much as you can. Be more lovable to attract a lot of loves along the way.

Be happy for others especially for your loved ones because they will always have your back no matter what. And most of all, be authentic. You are your own person and the best one at that.” *winks*


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