Love Poems For You


I have always loved writing. I’m not one to get really vocal about how I feel so I tend to write down my emotions. Writing is a therapy for me. It’s helpful in a way that it serves as my outlet when I’m too sissy to open up to someone. And that is why I am starting this blog. And though I’m not a fan of using big words to give off a good impression for my writing skills, I’d still say I’m not bad at it. I think I just need more practice. After all, everything can be learned through relentless practice, right? I am a firm believer that if you put your heart on something, it will flourish and your hardwork will soon pay off.

Writing for me, is cathartic. It helps me go through everything that hurts me. Even when I’m happy, I write it down. When I’m in love, I write it too. My pen is like my bestfriend. It can see through my heart without me realizing it. So here I am, baring my heart through my pen. And I would like to share a few of it on my blog, just because. Enjoy!

When he’s taciturn with a bit of mystery and romance. *winks*

17361675_1572501549445013_7897290150276786727_nFor Everyone who feels they are unimportant. Cheer up! Choose yourself first and he/she will choose you.

17352460_1567062189988949_8679388076877207327_n.jpgFinally! One-sided love, no more!!! ❤

17352250_1568137386548096_6342636922589656587_n.jpgWhere is this person? I need a love like this! *smh*

17309648_1572500336111801_3019627225481268647_n.jpgkeep going!

Unexpected love is always magical. ❤

17201022_1567061579989010_3561744271459525576_n.jpgTrue! We always cling to love no matter how confusing it can get.

That’s it for now. Thank you and be kind!


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