It’s Okay Not To Succeed Right Away


It is undeniable how social media affects our lives. It has been a platform for basically, everything. You have a talent? Go, post it on your facebook page. Who knows you might go viral and it might be a step towards your lifelong dreams! You’re furious? Go, share it on social media. Lol. (Kidding)

I’m just saying how vastly social media can influence us. It affects how we perceive others and ourselves. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s not.

And in terms of career, some of your facebook friends show off their success on their page. I’m not saying it’s wrong, because who wouldn’t want to flaunt their promotion, or their new car or their new house, right? Many of our friends just wants to share it to the social media world how they are succeeding in life. And for me, that’s totally harmless especially if you gained all of it through hardwork.

However, many people on social media are on it to compare themselves to others. Sadly, they look at a new car and they sulk thinking they’ve been left behind due to the fact that they don’t have what others have. They stalk on your page to see if you have that latest iPhone or if you’ve been to this or that part of the world. And, After all the stalking and comparing, they mope and cry in the corner feeling bad about how poor they are. And others even tend to post some irrelevant stuff to compensate for their insecurities. It’s sad but it happens. We’re so focused on getting ahead of others that we forget what truly is for us. Don’t fret. Allow your failures to hone your skills. Stumble and get back up. Take your sweet time creating your own victory.

No house yet? Make a mental note to save up for your dream house.

No car? You’ll get that one day. Focus on what’s more important. Needs vs Wants.

Not rich yet? It’s totally fine. It’s not just you. As long as you’re able to feed yourself 3 times a day or more, then you’re good!

Haven’t finished college yet? No problem! A lot of people are not in college but they’re doing fine! And so will you! But school is important, go back to it and don’t rush. Your hardwork will pay off!

Not married yet? Or.. Still single? No worries! Better to stay single than rush into love and end up with someone who poisons your soul and treats you like a trash. Take your time. Go out and have fun with your friends. Travel as much as you can. Write your heart out. Immerse yourself into a new hobby. Go to the gym. Register yourself to a dating app. Do everything you want while you still can. Love will eventually find its way to you. We all have our own life-clock. We follow an invisible path for ourselves. Do not be pressured into succeeding right away. The most successful people failed many times. So, why worry?

Do not be consumed with insecurity, it will only kill your vibe. It will put you off and discourage you to try and go again. Insecurities will take you nowhere. Sure, it’s normal at times because we are all mere humans. However, how you deal with it matters. Whether you choose to be eaten by your own doubts or you use it to improve yourself. You will always have a choice.

You might not get that job you badly want, but later on in life, you will look back and think how you’d trade that job for the one you have currently. Every detour has a purpose. Let your facebook friends and closest friends succeed. See them run their life in their own pace, and work on yours. Your determination will be your fuel to strive for greatness. Stop the negativity from telling you that you can’t do it. Conquer your fears and insecurities. Be happy for others. Do your thing and before you know it, you’re already a star in your own life. It’s just a matter of perspective.

Run your life with passion. Chase that dream without peaking through other people’s achievements. Don’t be pressured. It’s cliche but life ain’t a race. Tackle every bumps with grace, and take your time learning. Live life one day at a time.


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